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Bring on 2014! Our company is ready to entertain you until you beg us to stop (although, we both know that won't happen). The latest and greatest shows yet are ready for your viewing, and there are so many new laughs to be had. Join us for quality entertainment that will have you laughing, singing, and jumping up and down for joy!

New shows to tickle your funny bone

"Had all the elements of laughter, sing-a-long, etc. Thank you."

- Jo Taylor

- Give Me An "M" For Murder: Murder and mayhem at a high school reunion. Who will survive the night?


- Route 66: Pedal to the metal high octane fun complete with hair grease and vintage surfer dudes.

Creative new shows with twice the laughs

At E2G, Inc. we are committed to providing you with ongoing quality entertainment no matter what it takes. For over 20 years, our company has thrived on making the entire Midwest squeal with laughter. Nothing is better than seeing a smile on the faces of our audience members. Come join us for a killer time.

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Route 66 cast

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No public performances at this time.